Nice robots

Writer's Block: Robotic (Viv Posting)

Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?

When I saw this writing block topic I felt that Crys would have loved to respond to it. So I have in his stead.

I don't think Crys had a favourite fictional robot. Anyone that knew him knows he loved them all and had the userpics to prove it!

Still 'Bicentennial Man' and Data from ST:TNG were certainly high on his list. Plus, Gort of course.

Cylone Pumpkin

Haloween 2008

Friday was a 'dress down/dress up' day at work. £1 to be donated from each person to the local flying ambulance service. As there was a Halloween theme I had decided to 'zombie myself up'.

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I won 2nd prize. Probably the scariest gift possible - a kids Halloween Karaoke DVD! *Shudder*

Ironically, I was beaten by someone dressed as a witch!

I do that every day! ;)
Cylone Pumpkin

Ho Ho.. Wrong Season!

A Happy Halloween / Samhain to one and all.

I won 2nd place in the works Fancy Dress (Photos to be posted later)

Ironically I came 2nd place to someone dressed as a witch!

Not been bad day/week

But extremely busy at work.

Loving Dead Set. Very horrific, more so than many Horror movies!
Well done E4
And Well done Devina!

And Bad boys Jonathon and Russel! Tut Tut! At least that poor, innocent girl you said such horrible things about has been rewarded with pages of free publicity - In The Sun!

One thing I have to say to both of them - Don't change. (But maybe lay off the prank phone calls - It's not big and it's not cleaver. But it can be funny)